Indaba is an easy to implement participatory video process that empowers community voice to support your organisation in capturing rich, meaningful video stories from communities.

Highlighted Output

Case Studies


Monitoring an ongoing PMER (Indonesian Red Cross) Water and Sanitation project in rural Kalimentan.

 Berau, Indonesia
July 2017 

Performing an evaluation of a HIV/AIDS programme with Namibian Red Cross.

 Grootfontein, Namibia
June 2018 

Capturing a baseline with members of the Deaf Community with regards to educational opportunities.

 Cario, Egypt
August 2018 
Community Ideation

Capturing lived experience of nutrition and agriculture issues from communities to inform programme planning.

April 2019 

Monitoring Zika project outcomes in Columbia and Honduras by empowering voice in the local population.

 Columbia & Honduras
February 2019