To deploy Indaba in the field, you will require a variety of physical materials. Below are ready-to-download versions which you can print yourself.

Some of these documents are provided as templates so that you can adjust to your own context, or in some circumstances you might want to adjust existing resources, in situations such as:

  • Translation of content into a new language
  • Refinement of tags used to match your workflow

Training Manual

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent have developed a training manual specifically aimed at monitoring and evaluation exercises within their global network. The online guide (what you are reading) is more generic, however the IFRC manual outlines a concrete M&E process.

Information Pamphlet

This pamphlet is designed to give an outline of the Indaba process for high-level information only. To be printed on A4 and folded into a tri-fold (1) booklet.

Consent forms need to be adjusted to any specific deployment. Never just use these without first adjusting them you both your requirements and your community. Do be aware of both the communities literacy level, and the need to clearly explain your consent procedure verbally as well as through a consent form.

There is often a difference between a media release and a research consent form, as these might cover different parts of the media generated by the community. You may need a combination of the two.


Stickers are used to link together paper based activities with digital processes to aid understanding and transparency in the process.

They can be printed on standard layout printer label sheets for easy use.

Pocket Guide

The pocket guide is a pocket-size booklet designed to be given to volunteers in the field to aid them in the process. Each page in the guide responds to a step in the process, and includes simple reminders on key elements and activities that need to be performed.


Story Cards

Depending on the Ideation process you choose to adopt, you may wish to use the Ideation cards with the community.

To print these yourself on a normal A4 printer, use the following files. These should be printed duplex to achieve the correct back-to-front results.

To send to a printer to get professionally printed playing cards, use the following:

To adjust the cards or add your own, use the InDesign Files


Depending on the Ideation process you choose to adopt, you may require shaped dice to help configure the cards with the community.

They are available at a number of online retailers such as:

Reference Equipment List

You are welcome to use any equipment that you can source, however we provide this list as a reference of a kit that we have used and know performs well in the field.

Although the Indaba infrastructure is flexible and can be used in many contexts, you will need a minimum amount of technology to start a deployment.

Minimum Equipment Required for Online

  • Minimum of 4 Android devices (either phones or tablets)
    • Android version > 5.0
  • WiFi Router OR 3G Connection for devices to connect to Internet

Minimum Equipment Required for Titan

  • Minimum of 4 Android devices (either phones or tablets)
    • Android version > 5.0
  • Reasonably powerful laptop (>= 8GB RAM, 100GB HDD, 4 Core)
    • Windows 10 Professional / Education or Mac OSX is preferred.
    • Administrator access required (to install applications)
  • Portable WiFi router
    • this will enable the devices to wirelessly connect to the laptop

Optional (Advised)

  • Extra laptop batteries
  • Video Projector (for community screening at the end of the process)
  • Cabled lapel microphones (for better sound quality in recordings)

Tested Reference Kit

Prices are estimates, other brands and suppliers exist, this is meant only as a guide.

# Item Cost Link
4 10" Android Tablet 200 GBP
4 Tablet Case 16 GBP
1 Battery WiFi Router 60 GBP
4 Wired Lapel Mic 15 GBP
1 Battery Speaker 30 GBP
1 Battery Projector 412 GBP
1 Charging Station 22 GBP


You are free to use the Indaba branding however you wish, download it from the GitHub Folder of Resources

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