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The Dashboard is where you configure all settings, workflows and content with regards to Indaba. Only Shoot Administrators have access to the Dashboard, either by using Titan Edition directly on a computer or via a Google login using the Online Edition.

Getting Started

Visit the Dashboard (either Online or by starting the Titan Application on your computer), and Start New Shoot.

  1. Create a new shoot for your deployment, making sure to fill in the date range and name.
  2. The default settings should be OK for most deployments, but please check before entering the field.
  3. Upload context appropriate images for each Theme in the Template screen.

The default access and permissions settings for Online Edition only allow contribution to your shoot using a 4 digit code. Take not of this code to give to participants. Contribution in Titan Edition is open to everyone.

Take note of the Name or Code for your shoot to share with facilitators or participants.
This is the minimum configuration required to deploy Indaba.

Optional Configuration

There are a number of elements that can to be configured before entering a deployment:


Tags are the labels participants use to select and aggregate videos into stories. The name, color and language of these tags can be adjusted to align with your specific use case. The default configuration includes tags based on the OECD DAC criteria for Monitoring and Evaluation.


To align better with your deployment context you can adjust the Template - the set of suggested shots and descriptions for participants. There are infinite options for creating these templates, or you can use one of the existing ones in Indaba. We also provide a large archive of shot suggestions to build your own.

Updated: 6/8/2020, 11:40:40 AM