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The creation step draws out rich narratives from the video captured by each group. Once a group has tagged their content, they can use this content to build a video Story using the simple editor.

Outcome of Step

Each group should have produced a Story within the tablet application which represents their narrative. A community video should also have been created by representatives from each group.

  3-4 hours

Create Story

  • Tagged Flip-charts
  • Android Tablet

Each group should use their videos (and any others from the community that they feel help tell their narrative)


The editor screen auto-saves edits every few minutes allowing groups to stop at any point during the process. If a group does not want to keep their changes, selecting Discard when closing the screen will revert them back to their original Story.

Story Creation Steps

The story creation process can be facilitated in many ways, however our experience suggests the following steps to be good practice:

Selecting Content for the Timeline

While advising that the video should fall below a specific length (e.g. 8 minutes), participants select videos that have been tagged and place them on the timeline. Often this will involve referring back to the plan, aggregating Introduction and Background elements into one place on the timeline and arranging videos to properly construct a narrative.

One placed on the timeline, videos should be Trimmed to the right length that keeps the part of the video that tells the story. Often videos start and end with 'useless' content, such as microphones being setup.

Adding Titles & Credits

Next, groups should add Titles to introduce the video and sub-sections of content.

Make sure that the group also places a Title at the end of the timeline which contains all the names of the group (e.g. anyone who participated), not just the people captured in videos.

Adding Music

Next, groups should decide if they want to underpin their video with music. There is a wide selection of music included in the editor which can be added. Credits are automatically added at the end of a story if music is used. For simplicity there is no method of adding more than a single item of music and no way to adjust volume of individual videos.

Community Story

Once each group has made significant progress on their individual stories, each should elect ~2 representatives to come together and produce another story which represents the communities overall narrative. This can contain elements of individual group stories, or can be composed of videos already captured but not yet used. Any use tablet can be used to create this content.

At the end of this process it is enough to have all Stories saved (not published), as the stories are in a state that can be presented back to the wider community during the next step.

Updated: 6/8/2020, 11:40:40 AM