Titan Dashboard

Installation Hangs / Not doing anything

When using the Toolbox version of Indaba Titan (which is backed by Docker Toolbox), there are sometimes issues where Docker fails to start. Often the easiest method of getting it going again is to:

  • Reboot the machine
  • Changing the network whilst docker is 'hung' often triggers it to continue.
  • Trying to start Indaba Titan for the first time whilst connect to the internet (in theory it does not need to download anything but this sometimes makes it work).

Network Wont Reconnect After Closing Dashboard

Run the Fix Network tool installed alongside Indaba Dashboard.

Story Publishing

Videos are not the right Length

Sometimes the device that recorded the original video does not report the length correctly, and this causes issues with the story publishing step. This can be easily rectified by following these steps:

  • Clone the story that has the issues
  • Open the story in editor the Android application
  • Press the Trim and then Back button for each video in the story in turn. (this overrides the reported length)
  • Save the story and publish again

Android Application

If you try the following steps and still have trouble connecting to the Indaba Dashboard, try disabling the Windows Firewall. This often can fix these issues, but is not recommended as a first step.


Error 1: No network connection This error signifies that the device does not have a WiFi (or 3G) connection.

Error 2: Cannot connect to application

Error 3: Invalid API Key

Error 4: We are having trouble retrieving your information. Login again to continue

Error 5: Please try logging in again

Error 6: Request cancelled by participant

Error 7: Server error

Error 8: Unknown Network Error

Connection Screen

The connection screen has a list of 4 checks that the app makes when starting up. These checks can help you diagnose potential issues with your Indaba setup.

  • WiFi Connected: This checks if you have an active WiFi connection which the phone is connected to. If this is not ticked, check the device is connected to your local Indaba network.
  • IP Address Range Correct: This checks if the network it is connected to is setup for Indaba, where it gets allocated an IP address in the range 10.10.10.x. If this is not ticked, check which WiFi is connected and check that this WiFi is the Indaba one.
  • Remote Application Found: This checks that the Titan Dashboard computer can be found on the WiFi network. If this is not ticked, check your computer is on, connected to the Indaba WiFi and has configured it's IP address correctly.
  • Connection Established: This checks that communication with the Dashboard is possible. If not ticked, check that the Dashboard application is running on your computer and restart if necessary.
Updated: 6/8/2020, 11:40:40 AM