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The Process

The Indaba process consists of a set of activities that you can deploy over short period of time.

The input to the process is flexible, but is at the level of criteria to which the community should be responding with content. Examples include a monitoring exercise, an ideation process or an ethnographic study.

  • Day 1

    Ideation & Planning

    The community selects representative groups, working through a set of design tasks to develop structured narrative ideas for videos.

  • Day 2-3

    Capture & Review

    Each group uses the Android application to capture their own videos, adding labels to match them against their plan.

  • Day 4


    Each group uses tagged videos to produce a Story (edit) which includes titles and music.

  • Day 5

    Community Feedback

    Each of the videos produced by the groups is played back to the community, and copies of the content are left with community representatives.

The output of the process is a set of curated videos from representative groups within the community. These videos are tagged with labels related to the input criteria.

Three Tools

The Indaba process is supported by three parts:

1. Ideation and Design Activities

Indaba is responsive and configurable to your specific community context. We provide key paper-based materials to help facilitate key processes such as Ideation and Tagging which can be used or adjusted as required.

2. Android Mobile Application

The Indaba App enables participants to directly contribute to the film making process. This application is provided on Android devices to the community during the deployment to record, tag and edit videos.

3. Management Dashboard

The Indaba website lets you organise and plan a film shoot. Easy to use settings allow you to tailor it to your needs, and then get participants involved. Indaba acts like your personal director. You can control what shots, how many, location and subject. This flexible structure supports any kind of shoot scenario.

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