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How to Use this Guide


Throughout this guide, the following terminology will be used:

Term Context
Facilitator A member of the organisation who is running the Indaba process, and has been trained in the use of Indaba tools and materials.
Deployment A field-visit with Indaba lasting ~5 days to a single community.
Shoot A single instance of Indaba being used in a single deployment context. Shoots are managed from the Dashboard.
Story The resulting video created at the end of the process. Shoots usually produce 4-5 Stories, one from each group and one from the community as a whole.
Participant A member of the community who is engaged in the Indaba process.
Volunteer A member of the community or local organisation who is transiently assisting the facilitator in the field.
Dashboard The application (website) used to control various aspects of the digital Indaba process.
Group A group of participants who are engaged in the process as a team, usually within a demographic (i.e. Elderly).


Field Materials Required

If field materials are required for an activity (e.g. tablets, cards) these will be indicated here.

  • Card Deck
  • Dice

Facilitator Action

At some points in the process, there are actions that need to be performed by you as the lead facilitator.

 Facilitator Action: Lead Facilitator Action
The lead facilitator should perform this action. In might need to be performed in the field, or at a later time.

Tools Required

We indicate throughout which Indaba tools are required to complete a step in the process using the following icons.

Android Application
Paper Materials

Optional Content

At various points in the Indaba process, we support the use of various different methodologies to complete a stage. These are clearly marked with the following:

Options: Bring Your Own Process
How you decide to apply some steps in the process are dependent on your particular context. These will be indicated in boxes like this.

Field Time Advice

The following item helps guide how long each stage in the process should take, or at least how much time we advise you should leave to give groups appropriate time to complete each task.

  2-3 hours
Time Guide

The title above demonstrates the time guide.

Training Materials

If you are responsible for training others in performing aspects of the Indaba process, these additional materials are available.

  Training Materials
Additional content to help with training will appear in boxes like this.
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